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Thredd For Firefox X64

Thredd For Firefox X64








Thredd For Firefox 1.3.1

Keep your eyes on the most relevant conversations on Reddit! All you have to do is hover the mouse over the Red dots on a Reddit page and you will automatically see the top comments from the threads about the site. Also, you can still post your comments and your valuable ideas into existing conversations by hitting the Create Post button.
Key features:
* Find most relevant conversations on Reddit
* Keep your eyes on the most relevant conversations on Reddit
* Find social media friends
* Run Reddit searches quickly
* Create Posts for existing conversations
* Post new ideas or comments
When using Reddit Search, all your browsing data is transmitted to Reddit.
Learn more about Thredd:
Add-on repository:
MDN forum:

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Thredd For Firefox 1.3.1 Download

What is Thredd:
A light-weight extension for Firefox, Thredd for Firefox helps you read and contribute to the discussions on Reddit by quickly finding reliable sources on this popular discussion forum. The extension has been launched as a web tool to make a real difference in how we can reach content on Reddit.
How Thredd works:
Thredd for Firefox downloads on your computer and stores on the local machine for you, if your browser is configured to do so. The extension uses add-on technology to help you read, answer and contribute to the discussions on Reddit.
Add-on technology lets you add functionality to Firefox to enhance your browsing experience. Thredd, for instance, lets you not only read Reddit, but also participate in the conversations on that platform.
Once downloaded, Thredd installs and ready to use, but it will only work on Reddit, for the moment.
How to use Thredd
Thredd for Firefox does not need to be launched manually. The extension will launch automatically when you visit a specific web page on Reddit, and it will pop up a window that will display recent conversations on the specific topic.
To learn more about that, please read the following instructions.
1.Go to the official Reddit website and open the new tab from your browser.
2.Click on the Thredd icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the browser. (Note: the add-on will show up if and only if you have active add-ons installed on your Firefox browser.)
3.Click on the new icon that will appear on your browser.
This will launch Thredd for Firefox. You should click on the Create New Thread button to add a relevant chat.
4.Please browse through the discussions and vote as you wish. Remember that, when starting the create post button, you must be registered on Reddit to do so.
That's it! If you have more questions or suggestions for Thredd, please do not hesitate to drop us a note below.
How to install Thredd:
Extension Installer for Mozilla Firefox
Step 1: Start the extension installer for Firefox.
Step 2: Once downloaded and open, the installation process should start automatically. Don't forget to hit the Install button to install the extension on your browser.
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1. [Direct Download] - THREDD


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Thredd For Firefox 1.3.1

Add-on users can get in touch with other individuals from around the globe
Thanks to the Internet and especially to social media, we can now get in touch with other people from all over the world. However, the only way to find reliable forums and discussions on specific sites and products is through a search engine such as Google. This is because the websites and webpages, for example, are not indexable and searchable, and they lack a proper metadata that may help others find the same content.
That's why the developers of Thredd, a new Firefox add-on that searches Reddit, created a tool that allows you to find content on a web forum simply by typing its name into the address bar. The add-on can find the most relevant threads on websites, and it can even search for the name of the web page that you are viewing on a social media network such as Reddit, so that you can easily get in touch with the community and the other members.
Thredd also allows you to add reliable information or a post directly on the forums that you are viewing at the moment, and, if you want to, you can participate in discussions on various topics and let other people know your thoughts.
What Are the Tools Used by Thredd?
As stated above, the add-on will only appear when you open the Firefox web browser and a page from Reddit, so you can search it by typing the web forum's name into the address bar. Once you see a relevant discussion thread, the interface will show you a Create Post button.
After you click it, you will enter the text that you want to post on Reddit. The application will automatically detect the website you are visiting, so that you can add your comments on a specific page or topic. For now, only Reddit is available, and the feature might be expanded to other social media networks.
How Does Thredd Work?
Thredd works as a search engine that searches Reddit. It's a useful extension for Firefox because the online community grows day after day, and the add-on will allow you to find reliable conversations on the site you are visiting at the moment.
After the web forum is detected and the user has successfully opened the Create Post page, he will have a chance to search for the name of the forum that he is visiting. Once the name is typed into the address bar, Thredd will start searching for the same name on Reddit and display relevant conversations. If the applications finds a reliable discussion, it will show the Create

What's New In?

Ever wondered what other people say about the site or page that you are currently on? Thredd is a new Firefox add-on that finds relevant conversations on popular discussion site Reddit. It also allows you to join and leave the online chats. It features a Create Post button that will post an entry on Reddit.

Runs in Firefox 45 and newer.

Supported social media networks:






Articles & Video Hacked:

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Contribute section:

You may send me an e-mail if you have any suggestions, comments or requests (please *do* so). This goes to both myself and the support team.

2 helpful user comments


Hi, I’m Mahi and am on Windows.Downloaded from Feedspot.
First of all, let me just say THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER AMAZING PRODUCT! I finally installed it and the first thing I did was hit the “Create Post” button on this website and it …
I finally installed it and the first thing I did was hit the “Create Post” button on this website and it popped up the Reddit “Join” button, which is awesome!
I HIGHLY recommend this for myself and for a lot of people!
Thanks again!


Awesome. I just went to some weird looking link I found on the internet, figured I should at least read some comments before I clicked, and there it was! And I wanted to thank you for this. I’ve been trying a ton of different …

And I wanted to thank you for this. I’ve been trying a ton of different tricks to find content on reddit/r/all before, and they weren’t as simple as this. I’ve used Starmapper (which was somewhat helpful), and I’ve tried …

And I wanted to thank you for this. I’ve been trying a ton of different tricks to find content on reddit/r/all before, and they weren’t as simple as this. I’ve used Starmapper (which was somewhat helpful), and I’ve tried …

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System Requirements:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
1.4 GHz processor
1 GB of RAM
1 GB of free hard drive space
DirectX 9 compatible video card
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Office 2010 or higher
Adobe Flash Player is required.
Note: Graphics card driver must be updated to version or later for this application.
Supported Video Cards:
Intel HD 3000,
Intel HD 4000,
Intel HD 5000,
Intel HD 6000,

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